ShotoCanada is a nationally incorporated, non-profit organization dedicated to the instruction of traditional Shotokan Karate. While many of our senior instructors were trained in the JKA, Tsuruoka, ISKF and other Shotokan traditions, we believe we have developed an art that is at once distinctly Canadian yet steeped in the traditions of Japanese karate-do.

Our organization is headed by an elected executive and a Technical Committee. The latter is a group of senior dans in ShotoCanada who provide technical direction, including developing the grading syllabus which in turn acts as a guide for training and belt tests.

Some of our events include:
• annual summer camp,
• invitational tournament called the Shotokan Challenge - a traditional ippon kumite event.
• instructor training program and seminars.
• area training seminars with our senior instructors and visiting experts.


Chief Instructor of ShotoCanada Mike Scales 7 dan
President and contact person for ShotoCanada
Jessica Moore 4 dan
Members of Technical Committee

Mike Scales 7 dan, Rob Ingram 6 dan, Nairn Semple 5 dan, Elizabeth Wijnstra 5 dan, Mike Maxwell 4 dan, Doug Rathy 4 dan
Ex Officio members
Ingrid Sheere 4 dan, Andrew Holmes 7 dan
Advisors to the Technical Committee
Mark Deugau 4 dan, Jessica Moore 4 dan, Jean-Sebastien Rodrigue 3 dan

Members of Executive Board of Directors
Jessica Moore, President
Mike Maxwell, Vice president
Victor Patricio, Secretary
Nancy Duchaine, Treasurer