August 2013

New Syllabus

The New Syllabus is now in effect. Summer Camp 2013 was the last time the old syllabus was used. All kyu and dan gradings from now on will use the new format.

Summer Camp 2013

Those making it to ShotoCanada Summer Camp 2013 held in Victoria were in for a real treat. A full day of weapons training on Friday instructed by Ingram and Scales Sensei's was enjoyed by a dedicated group of karateka. The Friday evening was kicked off with a detailed technical session given by our guest instructor Saeki Sensei from CJKA. Particular emphasis was given to efficiently generating speed and power; and focussed control. Saeki Sensei was hosted by Maxwell Sensei who received his Shodan under him. Both Ingram and Scales Sensei's have also trained with Saeki Sensei in the past.
The weekend continued with groups rotating through Saeki, Scales and Ingram Sensei's instruction of kihon, kata, and kumite with lots of focus on bunkai (application), distance, timing and focus. Additionally, students were run through elements of the new syllabus that is now in effect. Prior to his departure Saeki Sensei treated the group to unique session of take downs, reaction training and movement drills. Saeki Sensei commented on how energetic and keen the core group of young blue- brown belts were.
Several members challenged Dan exams with Mathilde Claude (Naden/UVic) Guiiliame Claude (UVic), Ted Leung (CPAC)and Amir Shah (Naden) achieving their Shodan. Naomi Chow (Naden) had a very successful grading to 2nd kyu .
On Saturday evening a group dinner was held at Ming's restaurant.
We would like to collectively recognize all those that contributed to making ShotoCanada Summer Camp 2013 a huge success. (In particular Nicole, Harvey and Larry)

submitted by Mike Maxwell


Saeki Sensei was our guest instructor at camp this year.

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Thanks to Mitch Mitchell for the piccies!