Spring 2015

Catching Up

I know. I know. It has bee a very long time since the last news posting. Almost two years in fact. There were many great events in our ShotoCanada family, but these are the only ones I have stories and pictures for.

Summer Camp 2014

Sensei Derek Ridgeway from England was our guest instructor and he led us through bunkai for many of our Shotokan kata, making them at once more meaningful and more fun.

There are some great photos for you to see. Thanks especially to Mike Mitchell for his fabulous images.

Spring B&B 2015

We had a very good turn out in Victoria for the Spring B&B this year. With purple belts now attending, people have an earlier introduction to the dan training and preparation. Working alongside senior people gives many yonkyu the spur they need to tackle the brown belts.

We have also started a Friday night session for test reviews. This was meant as a final tune up for people testing the next day but people who are grading in three or four months have also started to attend to get some one on one feedback.

Sensei Scales in Kelowna

In April, Sensei Scales travelled to Kelowna to put on a weekend seminar. It seems to have involved a lot of getting pounded on the ground. Jean Rodrigue and Nancy Duchaine came down from Ashcroft for the event as well. See the little gallery of images here.

Sensei Scales Karate Canada Nanadan

Sensei Scales tested for and passed his Karate Canada nanadan.

Kobudo coming on in BC Competitions

Thanks to Sensei Scales and Sensei Don Shapland, kobudo is taking a more regular and stronger role in BC karate competitions. Both have been working on trounament rules and regulations. Shapland Sensei has also been training officials to ensure a good standard in the competitions.

Ingram Sensei Earns Iaido Rokudan and Wins Gold at DNIR Taikai in Kyoto

Click the here for the Whitehorse Star story.


Sensei Ridgeway supervising the pain giving.

March B&B

Everyone was into the battle except Sensei Rathy. Click for larger image.

March B&B

Kelowna Seminar


March B&B

Sensei Scales awarded nanadan by Karate Canada